Throughout Europe it is common practice to pollard (cut off the tops) London plane trees, not only to stop the kind of problems that Bethlehem residents are experiencing but to also to extend the life if the trees.

This should be part of regular maintenance of council reserves where plane trees are located on them.

Russell Wenn


Peggy Thornton, (Letters, April 26) you say the words quoted by Israel Folau from Revelation 21:8 were from John the apostle, not Jesus, but if you look at verse 5, you'll see that the words John wrote were being spoken from heaven by "He who sat upon the throne."


It was probably God the Father himself speaking, rather than Jesus, but the words were God's, not John's.

And yes, as you say, Jesus did preach love and forgiveness of repented sins, but he was stern and aggressive with unrepentant hypocrites.

The namby-pamby Jesus depicted by media is far from reality - on the contrary he was a strong, intimidating personality, feared by the religious leaders of the day, and even at times by his own apostles, whom he several times rebuked.

David Coory

Jesus' message

Peggy Thornton (Letters, April 26) is absolutely right in declaring that Jesus' message was one of loving forgiveness.

However, almost without exception, his final words to those whose sins he personally pardoned were "Go and sin no more."

What fate awaits unrepentant sinners beyond this life is open to conjecture depending on what one believes.

One thing is irrefutable. Choosing a sinful life guarantees hell in this life on earth.

Ian Young
Pāpāmoa Beach

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