Honour them by stopping war

As we remember the sacrifice of our forebears in fighting in past wars, let us consider that perhaps the most powerful way of respecting that sacrifice is to work to prevent future wars.

We need first to recognise and understand the remarkable contribution that New Zealand has already made to reducing conflict and promoting understanding between nations. This has been done by diplomatic and military services, trade and many other activities, often through the United Nations.

We also need to understand the existing causes of conflict around the world, particularly in our region, and ensure that New Zealand's responses are best targeted at resolution.

That requires recognition that it is a treacherous world, and many countries, including our traditional allies, pursue policies that may threaten global peace.


We also need sophisticated understanding and close relationships that enable us to promote the long-term interests of all involved, including our own.

These tasks cannot be merely left to the professionals. Everybody needs to impress on our leaders our priority for avoiding war and make whatever contributions that we ourselves can.

Gray Southon

Jesus preached love

With reference to David Coory's letter "Quote from Bible", (Letters, April 22), I would like to point out that the words from Revelation 21.8 are not those of Jesus.

These words were written by John as he described his image of a perfect world during a time of Christian persecution.

Jesus did not preach of fire and brimstone for sinners, but rather his message was one of love for all men.

His acceptance of Mary Magdalene and the many sinners he met are a clear testimony to this in the gospels.

Peggy Thornton


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