People passing through Tauranga Airport were treated to the sweet and smooth notes of jazz music while waiting for their flights yesterday.

The pop-up show was part of the 57th National Jazz Festival, taking place in Tauranga this weekend.

Dixie jazz trio band Twin City Stompers charmed travellers as they arrived and departed from the airport lounge.

The performance also drew a strong crowd of residents who came to simply enjoy the music.


Maureen Culver, the wife of the band's double bass player Ross, said the Hawke's Bay-based band had played in lots of different places but an airport was a new venue ticked off the list.

She said the art deco band looked forward to the festival.

"It's a fun weekend. The band catches up with other musicians - it's quite a reunion," she said.

Among the crowd perched on seats around the band were Tauranga residents Carl and Muriel Jepsen who specially came to the airport to listen to the band play.

They said the airport venue was "different" but it was good to explore different venues.

The unlikely venue is one of six that will be graced by star musicians during the four-day festival, including Hollie Smith, Secret Islands Sextet, Allana Goldsmith and Bella Kalolo.

Festival general manager Mandy Ryan dreamed up the idea in the hopes of giving a warm reception to those arriving in the Bay to attend the festival.

"I thought it would be a great way to welcome tourists to the Bay of Plenty," she said.


She knew of someone who came from as far away as Europe every year for the festival.

Ryan said the Tauranga City Council was "very encouraging" of the idea to host a pop-up show in the airport.

57th National Jazz Festival Tauranga
April 18 to 21
Go to the festival website for the full programme.