Today the radio survey results are announced, revealing the shows listeners love.

We catch up with our much-loved local announcers, Coast Tauranga Breakfast show host
Brian Kelly, and Will Johnston from The Hits Bay of Plenty day show.

Brian Kelly (aka BK) has been Coast FM breakfast announcer for the last seven years in the

Bay of Plenty and before that was the Classic Hits Breakfast announcer in the Bay.


He is also the voice of New Zealand Motorsport, covering national and international events

in New Zealand for the past 40 years.

Last year Kelly was named a life member of the New Zealand Sports Journalism Awards

during the Sir Terry McLean National Sports Journalism Awards in Auckland.

Kelly writes a weekly music column, The Vinyl Word, for Vibe. He is also a regular

restaurant reviewer for the Bay Bites pages in indulge.

He lives in the Avenues with wife Roanna and they have three adult children.

The most fun I've had interviewing was:
Without a doubt sitting in James Taylor's hotel room in Auckland, being told I had 10 minutes allotted to me and we chatted, one-on-one, for over half an hour. One of my favourite entertainers and to be able to just chat with him was amazing.

My favourite thing about being on radio:
Connecting to the local community and getting to listen to and share people's opinions, thoughts and stories.

My dream person to interview would be:
Paul McCartney would be the one person I would love to interview. A huge Beatles fan.

If I wasn't in radio I would be:
The lead singer and guitarist for a rock band.

In studio I can't live without:
My favourite headphones. I have a pair of Sony MDRs I have had for over 10 years. Absolutely love them.

My one rule to live by in this job is:
Adapt and accept change even if you don't agree with it.

Will Johnston is the local 9am-3pm host for The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM. He is also a local celebrant.
Will lives in Mount Maunganui. He writes a weekly column for indulge magazine in the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend and, like BK, is also a regular restaurant reviewer for indulge's food column, Bay Bites.

My first job was:
Delivering circulars/pamphlets in my neighbourhood in Wellington when I was 11! When it was raining on delivery day mum used to drive along behind me for the whole route to make sure I was safe and to keep the pamphlets dry. That is a lot of commitment from a parent for their son's $30 per week job!

The most fun I've had interviewing was:
It's a toss up between Sheryl Crow bitching about Madonna and how Madonna doesn't take her own rubbish out like Sheryl does. Talking to Sir Ian Mckellen about what it's like to come out as a gay at a time the world wasn't that accepting of it. Or that time I spat beer in the face of the guy who got runner-up to Guy Sebastian in Australian Idol —
Shannon Noll — while he was telling me a story at an event I was MCing!

My favourite thing about being on radio:
Is constantly getting perspective on how great people are in Tauranga. I hear from so many people who are doing great things in the Bay. It's super heartening to know I live and get to connect with cool people doing cool things. Also the ability to actually really help someone out or make their day as a complete surprise is a really great privilege to me.

My dream person to interview would be:
I would've loved the opportunity to interview Michael Jackson. Also the Mother of Dragons and Jon Snow, but they have to be in character!

If I wasn't in radio I would be:
Stripping. Jokes, I'm way too untoned and rubbish on a pole.

In studio I can't live without:
The fact it's a soundproof room and no one can hear when I mess it up when I'm recording an ad or something! I also need a mainline of coffee into the studio.

My one rule to live by in this job is:
If you mess it up, no one dies. So I guess it's to be ad chilled-out as possible. I always figured that someone listening wants to hear someone who is not fake, or putting anything on, or has a massive ego like so many people in the public eye do. Oh and I never hang up on anyone — if you take the time to call the show, the least I can do is the time to talk!