A car has crashed into a dairy in the Bay of Plenty town of Edgecumbe.

A police spokeswoman said they were called to the crash at the Central Dairy on College Rd at 6.50pm yesterday.

Mukesh Patel had been looking after his friend's Edgecumbe Central Dairy for the past week.

Last night he had to ring him and say someone had driven through the front window of the store.


"A car came up on the footpath and then crashed through the front of the dairy," Patel told the Rotorua Daily Post.

He believed the driver had put the car into drive instead of reverse.

They were not injured.

"We had a bit of cleaning up to do and a chap came out and boarded up the window."

Patel said the dairy owner wasn't too upset after hearing the news.

"There's not really much he can do, he's not here."

Police inquiries were ongoing.