On March 15 our schoolchildren went "on strike" protesting at the lack of progress attacking global warming and a potential sixth mass extinction of species (the last mass extinction was the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago).

In some quarters there has been strong criticism of the pupils' action, such as "They should be in school", "Why can't they do it at the weekend?"

All of which I find somewhat disturbing as the point of their protest is lost in the noise created. Those who disagree with the action seem to be very short-sighted as we ("recent" generations) have largely caused the problem, not the kids, and their generation, not ours, is going to have to try to sort out the mess; good luck, as human nature being what it is we are unlikely to significantly change our ways any time soon, and if we pass an ill-defined "tipping point" then no matter what is done it will be too late.

Humans are the vilest of all creatures to have ever lived on this planet. Think about it for a moment: no other species, over some 300 million years, has caused such wiping out of others, pillaged its resources and caused so much environmental damage as humans. Mother Earth will be well pleased to witness our demise.


Phil Hickling
Papamoa Beach

Politics and policies

One can't help but feel the Government's decision to axe the Special Housing Areas Act especially, is yet another example of "if it's a National initiative we'll can it".

Just like the delays and uncertainty to the city's roading crisis, particularly State Highway 2, this Government appears more concerned with childish point scoring than what's best for the country and our (blue) region. I see another one-term Labour Government.

Bill Murphy