A kinetic sculpture created by world renowned Kiwi artist Phil Price has been installed at the Tauranga Crossing.

Price, regarded as the foremost kinetic sculptor of his generation, created the bespoke features, known as The Fernery, as part of the landscaped gardens and dining area.

Price's work is widely acknowledged for its breathtaking beauty, evocation of the natural world and extraordinary design.

"The idea came about that we'd have a group of these tree forms to complement the design of the outdoor space, making it even more special for the shoppers at Tauranga Crossing," Price said.


"Having bespoke art really elevates this shopping centre beyond anything I've come across in New Zealand before; I'm very proud to be a part of it."

The sculpture was inspired by ferneries throughout the east coast and middle of the North Island.

"I am a very proud New Zealander and believe that as a nation we have a very deep connection with the land we inhabit. I create my art in celebration of Aotearoa, from, for and celebrating our country."

The second stage of Tauranga Crossing will officially open at 9am on Thursday, April 4.

Tauranga Crossing centre manager Andrew Wadsworth said a video platform would tell the story of The Fernery to provide shoppers with more information about the piece.

"The Fernery looks fantastic and we hope that the people of Tauranga enjoy it as much as we do."