I was astounded some four hours after the massacre to hear Jacinda Ardern say that gun laws need changing.

I thought to myself – that is a kneejerk reaction. A determined terrorist would not worry about gun licences.

Around the same time, I heard that the alleged terrorist was a foreigner who had spent time in Pakistan and in North Korea. Then there was some 70-page document which was emailed to the Prime Minister.

Banning semi-automatics will not change that risk one iota. It is sad that good guys are suffering whilst the bad guys in this country will continue to be armed.


It is time the Government released a synopsis of the background to the shooter and the documents. We may find that all may not be as it seems.

My other concern is that for years the hate speech laws have been used to counter healthy debate and that will now become worse.

Is our caring and peaceful nature being used as a weapon by the very real forces of evil?

Bill Capamagian

Gun laws rushed

Call me cynical, call me one-eyed, call me whatever you like but I cannot get away from the thinking that the "gun laws", so hurriedly passed just six days after the murderous rampage, is nothing more than a kneejerk, politically motivated reaction that will have to be heavily modified to be any kind meaningful legislation.

It is the modus operandi of this Government. The legislation is, and even when modified, will not prevent a re-occurrence of the March 15 attack. As any security agency will confirm, locking doors, fastening windows putting alarms and cameras on gates will not prevent a person bent on offending from offending.

I guarantee that, in a month's time, a year's time, anyone wanting to secure a semi-automatic forearm will be able to do so.

Broom cupboard, cosmetic surgery! The hallmark of this administration.


A.D. Kirby
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