Councils in the Bay of Plenty presenting transport plans out of step with government policy could result in our missing out because they continue to blindly put the car at the forefront of future transport in the Bay.

Local government needs to rethink its direction in line with the current central government who are going to be around for quite some years to come.

E-bike expressways and public transport including rail would, I believe, receive better support from Government. We need to see some vision not rehashing roads that have no chance of working. What is the point of widening 15th Avenue and the bridge? It is only shifting the traffic jam up the road, the solution is fewer cars.

Russell Wenn


Road safety

We recently turned from Devonport Rd into Elizabeth St.

At the roundabout, I looked right to check for traffic and had to slam the brakes on as someone has put a new pedestrian crossing immediately after the roundabout.

You're so busy checking if there's any traffic coming from Grey St that you're on the crossing before there's time to check for pedestrians.

Even though you slow down and give way, you can hardly see those on the right of the crossing until they suddenly appear in the middle of the road.

And where do you stop if there is anybody? On the roundabout, of course, as there's no room to stop elsewhere. (Abridged)

Lyn & Paul Marston
Welcome Bay

Bus service

The bus service in Queenstown had 30,000 passengers in 2016. When they changed the service to $2 a ride, virtually overnight the passenger numbers trebled. The latest figures from December 2018 show they now have 120,000 passengers a year.

You can go from Arrowtown, Frankton, Queenstown for $2. The bus is widely used by people from all walks of life.


You can buy a $20 card at service stations and dairies, etc. No more traffic or parking problems for them. (Abridged)

Carol Crawford
Mount Maunganui

Profit v cost

I feel that the front page heading "House makes $2.4 million profit" is misleading.
The house was purchased in 2014 and sold in 2018. How much did the owners in that time spend on renovations/alterations?

A luxury kitchen and bathroom, landscaping, double glazing, new flooring, etc, all adds up. Is the $2.4m all profit. Imagine the commission to a real estate agent on a property sold for that price.

For one average four-bedroom home that my husband and I renovated, I kept a spreadsheet of the costs, putting everything down that was spent and I was absolutely amazed at how everything added up, not just major items, like new kitchen, appliances, new bathroom but tins of paint, light fittings, drapes, washing line, etc. We have also had a couple of rental properties and every receipt we had to keep for tax purposes. It was amazing over the years how much was spent. We paid tax on rental income.

If capital gains tax does come in for rental houses, I hope the cost of renovating is taken out before profit is ascertained.


Wendy Galloway

Welcome Bay traffic

I read constantly about the traffic along Welcome Bay Rd is bad as ever right back to the Welcome Bay shops.

They're right. We overlook this every morning. Now the council want to put a supermarket at Waitaha Park. Imagine the chaos on the road with all that traffic added to it.

When do councils offer the green areas for supermarkets? I am glad some councillors don't support it, I am sure lots in our community may not either. (Abridged)
Pauline Robinson
Welcome Bay

Slip lane

Further to Dr Butler's letter (March 20), I agree that the slip lane should be sorted.

My experience is that very few cyclists use the cycle lane and those that do are on their way to work.


These "serious cyclists" won't bother with crossing Welcome Bay Rd several times to reach the underpass. They are entitled to use the roadway and should be safe when they do.

Why the problem hasn't been addressed by now is a mystery which can only be solved by NZTA or council.

I suggest that they remove the bollards but leave the painted lane in place. A lit sign asking drivers to watch for cyclists would raise awareness of the risk.

I personally perceive the time it has taken to resolve this as ridiculous and the people responsible should get on with their job or find another one.
Dan Russell
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