Up to $4.1 million in funding has been approved for urgent structural repairs at Mount Maunganui's Baywave TECT Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

This afternoon, the Tauranga City Council unanimously approved funding of $2.01m for the most urgent repairs as well as a further $2m - to be confirmed - contingency funding.

The council was expected to discuss this afternoon whether to stump up with the funding for the repairs to the $19m facility operated by the council's facilities management arm, Bay Venues.

Structural damage to the 14-year-old Girven Rd centre was discovered in 2017, according to reports prepared for the meeting.


The most urgent repairs, priced at $2.01m, included corrosion and cracks around the hydroslide, cracks in the precast concrete panels on the outside of the building and cracks in tanks, walls, floors and overflow channels in the plant room.

As well, a bore system that heats the pool water - temporarily repaired in May - needs further work and the building has various leaks and weather-tightness issues.

Engineers from Beca warned that more issues could be found once work started, including unsound roof framing or the necessary replacement of roof cladding, the water bore or windows.

The "worst case scenario" could blow the repair bill out to $4.1m, Beca warned.

Bay Venues has requested the full $4.1m amount be included in the council's 2019-20 annual plan, currently being drafted.

Baywave during its nine day closure for earthquake strengthening. Photo / George Novak
Baywave during its nine day closure for earthquake strengthening. Photo / George Novak

The council's staff recommended approving $2.01m to cover the most urgent work. Of that, $1.55m would come from the depreciation reserve and the other $550k from capital funding.

The repairs contributed to the council's $128m capital spending budget blowout.

A Bay Venues report said the centre needed to be repaired before the AIMS Games in September and to stop the building degrading any further as it would become even more expensive to fix and could force an unscheduled closure.


The repair work would begin during a pre-planned maintenance shutdown in June with pools reopening in stages in July and August.

Funding was already in place for scheduled maintenance to be done at the same time, including work on the lap pool tiling, a new splash pad, family changing rooms, public viewing areas and upgrading the outdoor area.

A report detailing the centre's weather-tightness issues was due to be finished last month.

Baywave closed in August of 2017 for urgent seismic repairs, reopening just days before the AIMS Games.

Baywave repairs

2005 - $16.3 million aquatic centre opens
2013 - Corrosion damage repaired, cracked wall panels noted
2015 - Remedial work undertaken on plant room floor
2017 - After more structural damage noted during remedial works around hydroslide, Beca engaged to do structural condition assessment
2017 - Baywave closes in August for urgent seismic repairs, reopening in September
2018 - Pools unheated for several days due to water bore issue.