Around 30 climate change protesters blocked Willow St at the intersection with Wharf St this afternoon.

Protesters from Extinction Rebellion Tauranga chanted "we're all in this together" while beating a drum and walking back and forth across the pedestrian crossing, as waiting drivers leaned on their horns.

They blocked the street - currently home to the main CBD bus interchange - for five minutes on then five minutes off.

Protest organiser Amy Board said the protest was "non-violent direct action".


"We want the council to declare a climate emergency."

She said the group wanted the council to become carbon neutral by 2025.

The group presented to Tauranga City Council's first Environment Committee meeting of 2019 at 1pm.

Spokesman Jason Edgecumbe told councillors he feared for his four-year-old daughter's future with oceans too acidic to swim in.

Committee chairman Councillor Steve Morris said he agreed climate change was a reality but asked Edgecumbe for evidence to back up his claims.