As an Orthodox Catholic, I am quite happy where I am up to with my religious faith.

It is indeed an ancient belief that takes my community way back to our founder and has stood the test of time over two millennia and has widely contributed to moral philosophy and lawmaking.

For those who are not of my persuasion, I say good luck to them. I have had many friends and work colleagues among the gay community. I know them, they know me, and we agree to disagree and respect each other. We have no problems getting along.

However, your correspondent, Lizzie Marvelly (Opinion, February 9), bemoans the fact that when she and her girlfriend were seen hugging and kissing on the Queen St footpath, they received some "go rent a room" type comments.


What else did she expect from her exhibition in a very public place? Lizzie claimed it was all about "exhibiting their diversity … and a show of legitimacy". This is the apparent logic of such libertines.

Lizzie goes on the write that anyone who disagrees with her is a homophobe, bigot, prejudiced and narrow-minded and more. It was not her and her girlfriend, but us "who should be ashamed". Have I missed something here?

A G Stewart
Pyes Pā

Benefits negated

Tauranga City Council has managed to negate the benefits of the Maungatapu underpass totally.

Morning traffic along Welcome Bay Rd once again, tails back past the Welcome Bay shops. (As it was before the underpass was built.)

This, in my view, is due to the council's refusal to reopen Welcome Bay lane. The underpass has been turned into a multimillion-dollar white elephant.

Steve Porter
Welcome Bay

Shelter needed

Regarding cows suffering from heat stroke (News, February 8), how are they supposed to get relief from the sun? All it takes is a few trees when there is a tree in a paddock you see all the animal cramming under to get relief.

Plant some trees.

Janet Drake
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