A challenge to all Government Ministers and any other pro 1080 people:

There is a book written by Fiona Mc Queen titled The Quiet Forest.

The author has researched and talked to a wide range of people in regard to the effects and in particular "by kill" of native birds and animals, not to mention the uptake by vegetation and invertebrates that are then eaten by our wonderful forest birds like tom tits, fernbirds etc.

My challenge to all is just read the book (which I have done, in full, twice ) and then decide just what the Government, Department of Conservation and the aerial distributors etc are achieving.


If you are not convinced that 1080 is an incredibly cruel and all-destroying eco poison to so many living organisms then read carefully.

Yes, I can see it now a certain bird species has increased by a certain percentage after 1080 has been spread - statistics can be used to show "great" results.

If there were only 10 of the certain species (such as mohua) left after years of 1080 drops then the result of "a 50 per cent increase" would of course look great for DoC but is very misleading. (Abridged)

Russ Hawkins
Mount Maunganui

Open the slip road

Please open the slip road.

We spent months driving through all the roadworks, all that re designing, all that cost, all that inconvenience and work. Please open it again.

Don't build a new access way and then block it off - open the slip road.

Katrina Goldie
Welcome Bay

What has the UN done?

After World War I Germany was given back to the Germans.

After World War II it was given back to the Germans.

After the Seven Day War in 1967, Israel did not give Jerusalem back to Jordan, nor was the Golan Heights given back to Syria.

Why has the United Nations done nothing?

The whole of Israel was taken from the Palestinians.

Perhaps Polish Jews, Russian Jews, Dutch Jews, French Jews and others were sent to their home countries with the exception of German Jews, for obvious reasons.

What happened to the Jews was an extreme atrocity.

Judaism is a religion not a nationality.

Who controls the UN?

D Warner

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