Firefighters have been called to multiple grass fires on Maunganui Rd.

At least three fires have been reported along Maunganui Rd, all near the railway tracks.

Fire and Emergency northern communications shift manager Colin Underdown said firefighters were responding to fire reports near the intersections of Maunganui Rd and Hull Rd, Tweed St and Concord Ave near Bayfair.

Four fire crews were divided between the scenes.


He said several people had called 111 to report the fires.

The road is busy as thousands of people flood into Bay Oval, near Hull Rd, for the Black Caps vs India match.

A reporter at the Hull Rd scene said there was a smell of smoke in the air and a patch of burned grass. Traffic was flowing.

Bayfair resident Sally said she lived a couple of streets behind the shopping centre and the smell of smoke had filled her home.

"We were just sitting in our house and we were like 'what's that smell'. The smoke was just blowing down the road."