Red is cute, adorable and looking for a new home - she's a puppy at the SPCA in Tauranga.

"She was abandoned, found by herself," SPCA Animal Welfare Inspector Anna Porteous said. "We've had her for a few weeks now. She's just looking for someone to fall in love with her."

Red is one of many animals available for adoption at Tauranga's SPCA.

Summer is the busiest time of year for the animal shelter with up to 12 animals arriving every day - many of them cute kittens.


Porteous said it's up to responsible pet owners to desex their cats.

"Desexing is a priority, whether you save up the money beforehand and whether you set up an account with the vet. Cats can get pregnant as young as 4 months old. "

Some abandoned animals are unwanted Christmas gifts, something the SPCA is cracking down on.

"We don't give people the opportunity to adopt and give – so there are no surprises. We certainly don't let animals out as gifts without the recipient being fully aware of the responsibility and that it's a lifetime commitment."

And with parts of New Zealand experiencing record high temperatures, owners need to keep a close eye on their pets.

"We've had to take dogs out of cars, that have been severely heat distressed," she said. "It's a case of educating people - it's just being aware of how quickly a car can heat up and how much distress that can cause."

Dog owners can be fined up to $300 for leaving their animals in a car. And Porteous has some quick tips for keeping animals cool this summer.

"If it's really hot for you, its really hot for them. Just make the same provisions you would make for yourself."


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