I absolutely agree with Beck Vass, summer school holidays should be shorter – say by two weeks and transfer those two weeks to late August, early September.

Families could enjoy winter holidays in New Zealand (ski fields would welcome this I am sure with special pass deals for Kiwis) or trips to Australia, the Pacific or further to enjoy some warmer times at off peak overseas holiday times.

Winter sports competitions could also be held during these two weeks, allowing more vital family time during weekends and after school during school terms.

School kids get tired and irritable by the end of the four current terms.


How can this idea be progressed?

Bruce Buchanan

Give farmers credit

On Monday, January 7 the Bay of Plenty Times published a full page advertisement (Doing our Bit) - paid for by NZ dairy farmers - highlighting for the general public the efforts the NZ dairy industry is making to improve our waterways.

It is therefore extremely disappointing to view Body's cartoon two days later (Wednesday January 9) and its implied message. Farmers are getting no credit for doing their bit.

Judith McFetridge

Unhappy customer

I sympathise with Roger Simister missing out on his annual Tect cheque (Local News, January 7) as a similar thing happened to us.

We had been a Trust Power customer for about 10 years when we moved house.

We continued using Trust Power at our new address and were shocked when we received a much reduced cheque.


We phoned Trust Power and were curtly told that having moved in August of that year we were not eligible for a rebate for part of the year and that was the decision of the board of trustees and that was that.

We didn't receive any compensation for having been a long term customer. Not a very happy customer.

John Fowke
Pāpāmoa Beach

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