Sometime over the last two weeks, and whilst we were having a much-deserved break, new signage at the Diabetes Centre @ Graced (corner Christopher Street/174 Eleventh Ave) was taken from its wall mount and badly damaged.

Whilst we fundraise for new signage, we would like to reassure readers that we are still open for business.

We would also like to hear from anyone who may know anything about the damage.

Deborah Cunliffe,
Manager Diabetes Help Tauranga


Mount has lost New Year's Eve spirit

As a long-term ratepayer in Mount Maunganui, I am disheartened to see the town turn from a New Year's destination to a town that appears to be to be utterly controlled by selected authoritative whim and over the top compliance.

During the festive period I noted beaches and parks were barricaded, Phoenix Park (admittedly unfinished) being transformed from useful parking spaces into an arid concrete wasteland (I'm sorry, I mean Te Papa O Ngā Manu Porotakataka), constant foot and vehicular patrols by police, Tauranga City Council parking wardens issuing infringement notices on parked cars, closure of a dog-friendly area of the surf beach, and a lack of festive lights along Pilot Bay.

But is it one rule for all? It would seem not. Within a week and over a two-day period, two groups of what appeared to be gang affiliates partied in Pilot Bay (albeit separately) with large dogs off leashes, alcohol, foul language, litter and intimidating behavior but not a sign of police, dog wardens or council workers.

I did not vote for a council whose modus operandi appears to be to coddle, herd, manipulate, control or turn a blind eye to obvious misdemeanours.

Not only have you killed off the Mount's New Year spirit, you were selective in your duty of care.

Thumbs down from me for the Mayor, councillors and staff - your methods are bewildering, your actions are misguided and the outcome is a shambles.

Ses Webster
Mount Maunganui

Another roundabout, really?

It appears that three roundabouts and two speed humps are not enough for us residents to negotiate down Windermere Dr.


Now the I understand the roads brain trust are putting another roundabout at Lagoon Place, even when there is no parking down there.

Whilst there is the polytechnic there, as a resident it's a minefield for us to negotiate in and out.

Another roundabout, seriously?

On top of that, the last one they one put in at the start of the road I understand it took them three times to get right, so the roadworks lasted a long time.

Daniel Sycamore

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