Tauranga residents and holidaymakers made the most of a great weekend of sport, cultural and musical events across the city.

At the Bay Oval, the atmosphere was electric as the Black Caps and Sri Lanka team fans soaked up the action on and off the field during the second One Day International.

Supporters competed to see who could chant and cheer the loudest but a big group of Sri Lanka fans armed with a trumpet were definitely outdoing their nearest rivals.

Shelley Fleming, 36, and her partner Dean Soper from Rotorua were the only Kiwi-born members of the large contingent of die-hard Sri Lanka supporters.


The group of about 120 friends and workmates, some from Rotorua and Hamilton, were cheering enthusiastically from embankments on both sides of the field.

Fleming said at one stage security staff asked them to tone it down a bit.

Fleming said she was a longtime Black Caps fan but her loyalties had become divided.

"Thirty of these guys I have come with all work for Road Master in Rotorua and my partner is their boss, so I'm really supporting both teams."

Joel Benjamin, 26, from Hamilton, who plays for the Rotorua Lions cricket team, said he never missed Sri Lanka playing in New Zealand.

"I wouldn't miss a game for anything. I know they lost the other day but I would still bet $10,000 on them to win if I had the money, that's how much faith I have in them.

"It may not be a win today but one day they will come out on top and I'll definitely be there to see it," he said.

More than 2500 devote followers took part in the 6th annual Tauranga Sikh community street parade on Saturday. Photo/ file
More than 2500 devote followers took part in the 6th annual Tauranga Sikh community street parade on Saturday. Photo/ file

Tauranga's 6th annual Sikh community street parade on Saturday was awash with colour and cultural traditions as about 3000 followers marched or road through the streets.


The street parade hosted by Tauranga Sikh Sangat Temple was part of birthday celebrations for revered 10th leader Guru Gobind Singh.

As the procession made its way to Memorial Park and back to the temple, food and drinks were handed out to spectators lining the streets.

Tauranga Sikh Community president Puran Singh said Sikhs from Tauranga, Te Puke, Pāpāmoa, Hamilton, Rotorua, Whakatāne, Hawke's Bay and Auckland took part.

Singh said the festival celebrated the "coming together of cultures".

"It's a very big day for us and everyone was very excited to get the chance to do so."

Bethlehem couple Mike and Ouida Rice joined the celebrations at the temple after attending the event last year.

"I think it's a wonderful event and I wouldn't miss it," Ouida said.

The New Zealand Volleyball National Beach Tour series at Mount Main Beach and the Fat Freddy's Drop concert at Wharepai Domain also drew large crowds on Saturday.

Police reported no issues relating to any of this weekend's big events.