The Phoenix carpark is a complete botch-up and terrible waste of money.

The Mount needs people-friendly areas which promotes relaxation and tourism as well as parking spaces, not an annoying skate park/concrete eyesore.

Jade Stamp

Letters to MPs not being acknowledged

I would like to support correspondent Bryan Johnson (Letters, January 5) in his statement that members of Parliament are not replying to letters forwarded to them by members of the public.


For well over 35 years I have been writing to MPs and in the past I almost always received an acknowledgement followed eventually by a formal reply. But since October 2017 this has all changed.

Letters forwarded to coalition Government MPs and ministers sometimes receive an acknowledgement, with a formal reply promised at a later date, but this is generally where it ends.

Even letters addressed to the Prime Minister complaining of her ministers' lack of responding to genuine letters of inquiry from constituents has not changed anything and it is my belief that this is far from satisfactory.

All members and in particular ministers have staff available to do so.

Is this a good look from a Government that stated it would be the most transparent, open and honest Government of all time?

Mike Baker

Familiar goals

Quote from History in this morning's (January 4) paper: "1935 President Franklin D Roosevelt, in his State of the Union address, called for legislation to provide assistance for the jobless, elderly, impoverished children and the handicapped".

What's changed?


Gwyneth Jones

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