BREXIT must proceed

The BREXIT process being currently stalled - seemingly by "brinkmanship" deployed, highlights a fundamental factor affecting democracy worldwide.

The 2016 referendum produced a 52 per cent - 48 per cent result. Some say - "slim result"; others say - "significant result, given the relatively high voter turnout".

Simplified analysis of that result is -
1. London voters favoured staying in Europe; the rest (except Scotland) favoured a split with Europe;
2. the youth vote was very low (albeit verbose now);
3. to leave to enable the UK to -
a. limit immigration; and
b. recover sovereignty out of the European Courts.


Once a fair vote opportunity was held, there was never room later "to cry over spilt milk". Being decisive, that decision should and must be acted upon.

For a democracy government's future ability to govern in an orderly fashion, there is no room to claim a second chance to review the decision. BREXIT must proceed, with or without European agreement - and the Europeans certainly won't want the consequences of a "No Agreement" BREXIT!

Similarly, the recent French protests show how wavering by President Macron makes for a debacle.

And - "brinkmanship" has no place in this decision either.

Alan Trotter

Falling silent

For many generations, Greerton Hall has been a popular venue for many types of dancing events.

But now, on Saturday nights the hall has fallen silent as all dances must finish by 10pm.

The very long tradition of Christmas and New Year dances are no more at Greerton.


Will the lack of use now be a reason for demolition?

A G Stewart
Pyes Pa

Reason for the season

Welcome to the real world, according to Brian Rudman (Opinion, December 14). A world without the romance of Christmas giving, without the wonder of the love of a Saviour of mankind who brings the world to its knees in thankfulness.

No thought for others, no compassion or thoughtfulness. God help us when a 7-year-old goes to school and enlightens his fellow pupils as to the truth of their beliefs. What is the purpose of such actions – they hardly make life more bearable, and take the reason for the season to a new level of humanistic thinking that is so cold and heartless.

B. Guernier