Christina Bu, of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, is in our newspapers, TV and radio espousing Norway's 50 per cent ownership of EV/hybrid cars (News, November 28).

Norway taxes heavily large polluting private vehicles and subsidises the purchase of electric vehicles.

What she doesn't explain is that 98 per cent of Norway's electricity is generated by hydro and that Norway is the third largest exporter of natural gas and exports large quantities of crude oil.

Norway's revenue from exporting gas and crude oil is 442 billion Krone (NZ$75 billion). That income largely subsidises electric vehicles and social outcomes.

Norway has held its sovereign assets unlike NZ who, in my opinion sold its citizens down the river by divesting our rich assets for short-term gain.

Norway's management of its huge sovereign wealth is a measure of strong, political and financial ethics over time.

Maureen J Anderson
Pyes Pa

Road congestion

Does it not seem an obvious solution to ease the congestion on our local roads, to use a ferry service from both Ōmokoroa and Mount Maunganui.

Yes I would think it would have to be subsidised but wouldn't it also be an attraction for tourists.

And what about a little train shuttle from Bayfair to Downtown Tauranga via Matapihi?
(A rustic old train of the past).

John Wratt

Beach nudity

The negative and dare I say somewhat hysterical feedback Dawn Picken's article about beach nudity attracted deserves comment (Opinion, November 22).


First, nudity is not a breeding ground for rapists and sexual deviants. That is the domain of those who feed their minds with pornographic literature and certain rubbish that passes for entertainment on the internet, TV screens and in cinemas.

Research shows that children of nudist families will develop a much healthier regard for their own bodies and greater respect for decent social behaviour than others.

As some have observed, the sight of a collection of naked bodies is not always a pretty sight. But staring and voyeurism is bad etiquette that is not acceptable amongst nudists.

The sheer delight of baring one's body to warm sun and cool breezes and immersing it in cool waters when one cannot afford the luxury of a backyard pool is something that only those who have tried it will appreciate.

There is nothing erotic or indecent about it.

Barry Rugg

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