In the letter by S. Paterson (Letters, December 1) the writer complains strongly about the proposed new name of the refurbished park currently known as Phoenix.

The new name, Te Papa o Nga Porotakataka, is described by S. Paterson as an "incomprehensible, inappropriate, unpronounceable moniker".

Perhaps the truism "where there is a will, there is a way" would be more appropriate, in this instance.

As for the new name being unpronounceable, surely if the writer had spent less time looking for circling birds and more time getting to know and understand the indigenous language of New Zealand, the pronunciation would be less difficult.


Likewise the reference made to inappropriate use of the new name. This area is steeped in cultural significance for Māori, sadly largely unrecognised by many. That of course does not diminish the cultural value, but does point to less valuable human traits, shown by some.

In my view, the new name is most certainly not being promoted by people who "don't live or work" in the area. We all have a say, both Māori and Pākeha, through our respective representatives. Who perhaps deserve more respect.

I for one will enjoy the new relaxed area while my wife pursues her favorite pastime "shopping".

Robin Bell

Another name

The trees are gone, the birds are gone, the car parks are gone.

If "Te Papa o Nga Manu Porotakataka" translates to the Place of the Circling Birds, then may I suggest, "Te papa o Nga Waka Porotakataka", which has two translations, "the place of the circling cars", or "the bridge is the car park".

Both would seem appropriate.

Chris Bishell
Mount Maunganui

Intersection behaviour

The T-junction at Mansels and Chadwick Rds is proving to be a test on drivers' knowledge of road rules.

Should traffic going across Chadwick Rd from one section of Mansels Rd on to the other section give way to traffic turning into Chadwick Rd? I say no but am at the mercy of other drivers who think and act yes.

If I wait to allow turning traffic to go first, am I not contributing to bad driver behaviour?

On the roads recently, I attempted to go straight ahead at the T-junction but the turning traffic ignored this basic road rule.

To add insult to the near miss injury, the car's passenger wagged her finger at me.

Solution: Put large sign up stating "Turning Traffic Give Way'.

Or something. Please.

Shari Hyder

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