The speculative $13+million cost to install a brand new underpass under Maunganui Rd from Matapihi Rd accessing Bayfair defies belief.

The existing underpass installed about 20 years ago costing $500,000 had residents' full support and works well for the very limited use it gets by pedestrians and cyclists.

The reason floated why the existing underpass cannot remain is said to be the proximity of a new pylon. Well the commonsense and practical solution is move the pylon slightly or simply work around it because that won't cost a fraction of $13m.

This aberration has come about because of whingeing from cyclists.


The general public is gobsmacked, so stop this insanity dead in its tracks and reassess the whole situation on a practical cost-effective basis, and NZTA face financial reality for once please.

NZTA need to pull their head in because it ain't their money and if it was, we wouldn't face this fiscal lunacy. The Minister of Transport needs to step in and stop this farce now.

What's more, TCC have (as being floated) no business becoming involved with millions of ratepayers' dollars wasted on this thing. For a cheaper cost, the Windermere overpass scenario would suffice, perhaps by being attached to the main overpass structure. (Abridged)

S Paterson

Naked truth

John Wratt (Letters, November 29) is absolutely right. Nudity is not for everyone. Neither is homosexuality or same-sex marriage. Thanks to some clever social engineering by successive governments New Zealand is now a much more tolerant society. A lot of what was previously unacceptable is now okay.

Wratt is also right to say that wholesale public nudity is not acceptable.

Which is why our civic fathers would be doing everyone a big favour by clearly signposting that part of Papamoa Beach that is frequented by naturists.

That way those who wish to use the beach accordingly may do so without harassment and those who would be embarrassed by the sight of bare bodies will be forewarned.

Barry Rugg

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