When the team from Cooney Lees Morgan moved offices a few years ago, they did not anticipate recruiting more than 300 people to help the Tauranga Community Foodbank at Christmas time.

But now, at the ANZ building on the corner of Cameron Rd and Elizabeth St, that is exactly what has happened.

Tenants of the building have come together to collect as much food as they can, and the law firm is challenging other business to do the same.

Cooney Lees Morgan's Michelle Senkus said the law firm had traditionally collected for the foodbank when the 75 or so staff were previously located on 1st Ave. When they moved office and joined about 330 others, and naturally began their Christmas collection again, they invited the others to get on board.


"It wasn't that difficult," Senkus said.

"There are a lot of teams in the building who work together on lots of things throughout the year, not just the foodbank. But the foodbank is probably the big one."

Senkus said many in the building had already marked the collection in their calendars, asking when they should start bringing items in.

"The staff are really passionate about it, and it has gained momentum over the years. Everyone wants to make sure those people in need have food at Christmas. We are lucky enough to make sure we have enough at Christmas, we wouldn't want others to miss out."

Senkus said the collection had a positive impact on staff.

"Everybody likes to feel good about helping out. They like a little bit of competition between other tenants in the building. There's no prize but we like to see who can do the best. At Christmas time, you always like to think that other people are not going to go without."

Senkus wanted to challenge all other Tauranga businesses to do what they could to also help the foodbank.

How to apply for a food parcel

You will need to visit one of the Tauranga Community Foodbank's approved referral agencies to obtain a "food parcel referral".


Just take along some form of ID and they will be able to get things sorted.

They will give the foodbank a call so that they know you will be visiting for some help. That way the team at the foodbank can have everything ready when you arrive.