More than 1000 Tauranga students are sitting the biggest NCEA exam this morning.

NCEA Level 1 English has the largest number of entries, with 1651 Tauranga students sitting their examinations.

Otumoetai College Year 11 students Logan Blair and Anya Pearce were sitting their first ever NCEA exams.

Logan was sitting four exams this year - English, science, maths and Māori.


The 16-year-old said he felt "a little nervous" after cramming in two hours of study at last minute.

"I think I studied enough to get by," he said.

"I am trying not to over think it. I want to do well but I also want to get into the right mindset."

Blair said the trick to study was to have a good study partner.

This afternoon will be NCEA Level 2 Media Studies, NCEA Level 3 Home Economics and scholarship Statistics.

Anya said she was also feeling a little nervous ahead of this morning's exam.

The 16-year-old was sitting five exams this year - English, Level 2 maths, science, geography and economics.

Pearce said she had been preparing all year for her English exam.


"English is my worst subject so I am trying really hard at it," she said.

Her trick was to study previous exam papers, plan her essays, memorise questions, write mind maps and use flashcards.

"When I am well prepared I feel better," she said.

NCEA Level 1 English:
Tauranga: 1651
Rotorua: 726
Wider Bay of Plenty: 666

Total students sitting exams:
Tauranga: 4733
Rotorua: 2235
Wider Bay of Plenty: 1919