Bethlehem Pottery Club members want to share what they have.

The facility on Bethlehem Rd is "future-proofing" their long-standing club by reaching more people, to ensure it sees another 43 years, says president Lynda Powell.

Bethlehem Pottery Club has all the resources on site required for potential potters, and existing members are offering their time to pass on skills to new potters.

They have been offering six-week nightly classes for adults since last year which are always full. Avalon Incorporated clients regularly visit the clubrooms. The club also takes a pottery class to Bob Owens Retirement Village once a month.


"Our focus is to become more involved in our community," Lynda says. "It's a fantastic facility that we own, I really think we need to share what we have here."

The upcoming Bay Clay Exhibition 2018 — in its 36th year — is another opportunity to let people see what they do, she said.

There would be more than 200 original works for sale. This is a great opportunity to purchase something original — be it ornamental, artistic or practical. It's also a good way to support locally made items, she said.

On offer at Bay Clay are pots, wall hangings, "whimsical pieces", ornaments, sculpture, ceramics, totem poles and much more. Guest exhibitor was Petra Meyboden.

■ Hosted by Bethlehem Pottery Club
■ Baycourt
■ November 9-11
■ 10am-3pm

Bethlehem Pottery Club
* Bethlehem Pottery Club members meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays and informally on Wednesdays and Fridays.
* They encourage anyone to visit the club if the open flag is out. The club is planning on offering children's classes next year and a holiday programme. The facility contains all the tools required including wheels and kilns.
Contact the club at