Speed limits through the Maungatapu Underpass could change to 60km/h.

Feedback is sought on Tauranga City Council and the NZ Transport Agency's proposed new speed limits for the Maungatapu Underpass and along the Hairini Causeway.

The underpass was opened on June 22 and has been operating with a 50km/h speed limit which was the default for new urban roads.

In a written statement, the council and the NZ Transport Agency said after seeing the new road operating they believed 60km/h was the "safe and appropriate" speed limit through the underpass and along the Hairini causeway.


Also being proposed was to lower the speed along the Hairini causeway to Turret Rd from 70km/h to 60km/h to align with the speed through the underpass.

The latter would include a 60 km/h speed limit on the approaches to and from the SH29A Maungatapu roundabout.

The council and the transport agency have also proposed that the speed limit along Welcome Bay Lane be confirmed at 50km/h.

Public feedback on the proposals closes on November 25, and a feedback form can be found on the Tauranga City Council's website.