With the exception of one cycle lane, Tauranga City Council is pushing ahead with detailed planning for a $3.7 million transport shake-up in the Mount Maunganui suburb of Arataki.

Plans for a separated cycle lane on Grenada St have been put on ice for now while council staff do a second round of consultation with residents in the area, largely to ensure their views on the loss of on-street carparks had been properly canvassed.

Ahead of the decision of the council's Transport Committee, three students from Mount Maunganui Intermediate - Olivia Davidson, Kate Parkinson and Richard Denyer - spoke to councillors to ask them not to delay the project.

"Right now the roads we are using to get to and from school are not feeling very safe," said Parkinson.


Davidson said she'd had friends injured while biking to school and sharing the road with buses without a separated cycle lane made her nervous.

"I don't think you should be delaying this decision when there are kids already getting hurt."

The school's board of trustees chairwoman, Megan Clarkin, said she was happy the council had chosen to go ahead with the project.

"From our point of view as a school, we are hopeful they will see the value in having a cycle lane on Grenada St for our kids.

"We would have more kids cycling if they had a safer option."

Cycling advocate Heidi Hughes was pleased the council had supported progressing most of the project, but concerned having a key part of it outstanding could delay or even derail the rest.

Arataki plan

Detailed design starting for:

- Separated cycleway on Golf Rd
- Peak morning bus clearways on Golf Rd, Grenada St
- New roundabouts on Concord Ave
- Traffic lights at Girven Rd and Marlin St intersection
- More pedestrian crossings and improved routes
- Walking/biking path through Arataki Park
- New secure cycle parking facility in Arataki Park
- Bus stop upgrades
- Education campaign


More consultation:

- Grenada St separated cycle lane.

Source: Tauranga City Council