Don't penalise average Kiwi

If like me you read the tiny article about the Reserve Bank paying a dividend of $430m to the Government, I'm sure you will have been as surprised as I was.

They were able to pay this dividend because of the really weak New Zealand dollar. Now it was my belief that RBNZ controlled the value of our dollar so that our exporters could sell to overseas markets and so mortgages would be cheaper. Not so they could make an enormous profit.

Because of the weakness of the dollar we pay much more for everything we import. Fuel, cars, TVs, books, fruit, meat, you name it.


Even our local produce is affected by it. Yes, much of our primary produce is priced against what we can get for it overseas. You go overseas and your money is almost worthless. As mortgage rates went down, building prices increased, partly because imported building materials cost more (weak dollar), and largely because builders and developers increased their costs.

The solution? Well, let our dollar find it's own value. Find another way for exporters to keep their costs down, a way that doesn't penalise everyone else in New Zealand.

Dan Russell

It's the driver

I have carried this poem in my purse for about 50years. Now more than ever it is relevant.

It isn't the vehicle that begins to whine,
When forced to stop for another "STOP" sign.
It isn't the vehicle that takes a drink
Then quickly loses its power to think.
It isn't the vehicle that fails to heed
The dangers of reckless discourteous speed.
It isn't the vehicle that steps on the gas
And causes an accident trying to pass.
A vehicle may be bent and twisted awry.
But it isn't the vehicle that will have to die.

Marion Scheuber
The Lakes

Roading projects
Tauranga is an expensive place to live when it comes to rates. Yet, everyone who travels to and from work to earn a living to pay these costs are faced with traffic delays and road works that have taken us back in time instead of making progress.

These delays put pressure on drivers and create frustration and stress.

There is the roading fiasco near the racecourse. Now we know outside Countdown they have dug up the road and appear to be placing a roundabout. Who deemed that necessary? (Abridged)


Kevin Caffrey