The 30km/h speed limit in the CBD has been welcomed as being "not much of a change" as cars have already slowed down while the city centre grapples with major development projects.

Brian Berry of Downtown Tauranga said most cars, ''I would think, probably aren't really travelling at much different speed to that when they're moving around downtown''.

"I think the intention is good but I don't know that it will have much of a change."

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Berry said the council was aiming to make the CBD more pedestrian-friendly and slow down traffic while all the construction projects were going on.

Tauranga cycling advocate Heidi Hughes welcomed the change.

"I think the [new] speed limit will be good for all vulnerable road users, especially the elderly, and definitely safer for cyclists."

Meanwhile, Terry Molloy, Tauranga City councillor and chairman of the AA's Bay of Plenty/Coromandel board, said he thought the move was "quite reasonable".

''You drive around town and especially in the CBD, the intensified area, and if you look at your speedometer you won't be doing more than 30km/h anyway."

Molloy said it was obviously a safety issue and the AA was supportive of any moves that are safety-initiated.

Tauranga mothers Abbie Raleigh and Michelle Bourne told the Bay of Plenty Times yesterday they applauded the move.

"I don't have any issue with council doing this and can't see it's going cause anyone any major hold-ups as most people are probably going 30 km/h anyway," Bourne said.


"I think it's a great idea especially with the increasing amount of people who come into the downtown Tauranga, and people's safety is paramount."

Raleigh agreed.

"I think it's a great idea and I wouldn't have a problem if the speed was reduced to 30km/h permanently like some other cities already have done," she said.