So over the last decade of my working life there has been a massive shift in the actual caring about the wellness and contentment of employees in businesses.

Maybe it's because people just get fed up with certain types of treatment at work.

It's obviously happening with gender equality right now as well (about time), though we still have a long way to go on that as a society, sadly.

As a celebrant I often use the phrase 'Happy wife, happy life' in my ceremonies.
Because, well, that's true.


I realised a long time ago that women are generally much smarter than men when it comes to relationships!

It's probably based in emotional depth and intelligence and actually just thinking about things rather than just doing them. It works best as a guy if you actually think about keeping someone happy and what you could do to make that an actuality.

It's the same in business, I reckon. If you're an employer, think of your staff as all of your wives (I'm not sure whether to high five you or give you a conciliatory hug.)

If you try to consider their feelings and strive to do things that you reckon might help keep them happy with you, their life and the life you have built together, then your marriage/business is going to be much easier to manage, run and profit from, right?

Where am I leading with all of this?


All workplaces should have a pet.

That would literally solve half of the frustration and aggression problems at work because how could you be grumpy when there's a happy wee cat or dog chilling under your desk every now and then?!


They could be the mediator in a workplace disagreement; you have to take the dog for a walk WITH the person you have a problem with.

They could be used to win clients over and make them more inclined to use your business.

Failing that, you could teach the dog to bark until they sign the contract.

What could possibly go wrong? I'm sure it's totally ethical, not to mention legal, right?

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