Little Daniel Fincham-Lubbe could not believe his eyes when a friendly green ogre with a Scottish accent began talking to him.

Shrek, joined by Princess Fiona, was visiting children at Tauranga Hospital yesterday when he met 2-year-old Daniel, along with other patients of the children's ward.

Mum Sonia Fincham said it was "fabulous that people take the time to remember the kids that are here".

"It gives them something different. It gives them an experience they don't usually have. They miss a lot when they have to be here."


Shrek and Princess Fiona are starring in SHREK: The Musical when it comes to the stage at Baycourt's Addison Theatre later this month.

The visit to the hospital was about giving children something to put a smile on their face, Stage Right Trust assistant director Natalie Wright said.

As Shrek and Princess Fiona walk along the corridor, a wide-eyed little girl announces to her mother "It's Shrek!".

"That's the sort of reaction we are hoping for," Wright said.