Man, I'm a lucky person.

Do you ever stop and take a second to smell the roses, regardless of how hard those metaphorical morsels of flora can be to see amongst the weeds sometimes?

The specific thing this time that's making me feel like a lucky guy is that I've got a father who is alive, I have a good relationship with and I get to see pretty often.

Working in radio, being a celebrant and just life has made me realise two things — there's no such thing as a "normal" family (it would be boring as if there was too) and that you should cherish the great relationships you have with those you call family.


Dad said to me the other day that I reminded him of his dad, a man I never met — he passed away a couple of years before I was born — who was, by all accounts, a standup guy who had lots of passions and talent. He also led his men through a hedge in World War II and stepped on a mine and lost his leg to the blast, so he'd been through a bit too it's fair to say ...

As much as I'd like it to have been those qualities dad was talking about when it comes to my personality ... he actually said it after I'd sent him a pic of me posing in overalls on the bonnet of a 1989 Mazda MX5!

Some may say a mid-life crisis type vehicle.

But I'll take it! Because dad said his old man was a bit of a goose and could usually find fun in any situation. And if he couldn't he'd make it by being weird or a little over the top. Now THAT I relate to!

I was lucky enough to see dad on Father's Day in Wellington this year and see how great he is with his grandsons (my nephews) and see, clearer than ever, that he too is a bit of a goose and looks for the fun in situations.

When I was 15 I was so adamant I wasn't going to be "the same as my parents", but now I feel like there are some apples that sit super comfortably (and rightly) directly below the tree.

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