Organisers of Waihi's Sundaise Festival have decided to wrap up the three-day music, art and sustainability event for good.

In a release sent to media and posted on the event's Facebook page, organisers Rachel Sorley, Al Sorley, Rachael Stanway, Matt Griffiths and Ben Holwerda thanked supporters for standing by them.

"After much soul-searching, the Sundaise team has determined that Sundaise Festival has concluded and reached the end of an era.

"We would like to thank all the Sundaise family that have stood by us and supported us in so many ways over the years. For this we are truly grateful."


The post attracted dozens of comments from people thanking organisers for the great memories they made attending the festival.

The March 2017 event was cancelled after severe flooding. The army was called in to help clear the site and more than 200 of the 1000 festivalgoers had to be rescued, some from waist-deep water.

Organisers were criticised for not cancelling the event earlier, given the severe weather warnings.

The first Sundaise Festival was held in 2011.

The festival's website was down but organisers said the Facebook page would continue as a portal for community events.