Straight talking

Regarding Peter Williams article "Let's say what it is and keep it honest", (September 1).

Thank heavens for some clear thinking and honest comment. No matter how or when someone commits suicide it is their choice to do so.

It is impossibly sad for those family and friends remaining and so "politically correct" to use the words "died suddenly" rather than face the truth of suicide. Mr Williams, you are a breath of fresh air to the


Bay of Plenty Times

. May your column always provide stimulation of thought and point up the inadequacies of "deep state thinking".

Maureen J Anderson
Pyes Pa

No chance

The likelihood of success of a Shane Jones visit to the Reserve Bank stopping the Aussie-owned banks closing branches in the provinces is zilch, nada.

It would be easier to get vehicle engines to run on water. That would at least save us a bundle on fuel and pollution costs.

While he's right that the Aussie banks (themselves mostly American owned) extract nearly $5 billion in profit each year from the pockets of Kiwis and export it overseas, he would be better off talking to his Cabinet colleagues about getting Kiwibank to take over where those banks shut up shop.

Even better would be if he convinced the Government to do its own banking with Kiwibank instead of with the Aussies.

But the really big win from Mr Jones' talk with the Reserve Bank would be if he could convince it to become the source of funds for the Government, as Social Credit suggests.

That would free up the $4.7 billion in interest paid every year on government borrowing – taxpayer money that could be used for much-needed spending on health, education and building infrastructure.

That, Shane, would be something worth making a noise about.

Tracy Livingston

Governed by a minority within a minority?

When questioned about refugees and the number of 1500, the Right Honourable Winston Peters' reply was that it was Labour policy, not the Government's policy.

Does this indicate that we are being governed by a minority within a minority?

Viva democracy!

It is no wonder that our Prime Minister wants to be there, despite the cost to the public purse.

A.D. Kirby