What's a charity to do when people increasingly stop carrying cash?

Our society is edging ever closer to becoming a cashless society as more people forgo carrying around wads of bills and clusters of coins in favour of an Eftpos or credit card.

Throwing your unwanted coins in a donation bucket used to be a win-win - you'd get the warm fuzzies knowing you'd helped a worthy cause, and your wallet would also feel like it was a few kilograms lighter.

I remember going to the supermarket with my parents and asking excitedly if I could have a coin to give to charity collectors standing at the entranceways - it was a treat to give someone a dollar in return for a friendly smile.


It's a simple joy I think fewer young children will be enjoying now and in the future.

These days, I'm more likely to feel guilty when I pass charity collectors, as I am one of those who do not carry cash.

When a smiling face asks for a gold-coin donation, I apologetically reply: "Sorry, I've no cash", and know the volunteers probably suspect I'm lying in an attempt to politely avoid giving money.

I bet it's an excuse (genuine or not) they hear all day long.

The introduction of easily portable Eftpos and tap and go machines will go a long way to addressing this issue for not-for-profit organisations.

On Saturday, we published a story about the Cancer Society that said it had Eftpos machines at some Daffodil Day collection sites and there was an increasing number of people donating online.

''We are continually adapting to make sure we're relevant, accessible and able to raise the money we need to provide our services in the community," said Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society fundraising manager Catriona Findlay.

Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service announced Monday it had set up tap and go collection points outside its club site to help pay for its rebuild, and at other locations in the Mount.


These are just two recent examples, but I am sure it's something other not-for-profits are also implementing or considering.

Let's hope this will encourage more people to give to these organisations, which do such good for our community.