The steampunk community in Tauranga is celebrating the genre with a ''day of frippery, mafficking and all that is steampunk'' aptly named Steam-Tember.

With events such as the teapot obstacle course, ''water pistols at high noon'', ''ladies invitational - the parallel park'' and the ''minion mustering'' — you can expect Steam-Tember to be a frivolous fun day full of shenanigans in true steampunk style.

Saturday, September 8 at the Historic Village's The Incubator will be dedicated to the genre with a full itinerary of nutty events.

Steampunk Tauranga's Lindsey Morgan, also known as Lady Hannah Dashery-Buckle, says the movement has taken off in Tauranga. Their Facebook membership has risen to more than 200 with a dedicated crew of approximately 25 hardcore steampunkers.


The group are often invited to spice up various events throughout the region by showing up in their Victorian space age garb. They always have fun, Lindsey says, and their intricate outfits fascinate onlookers.

The group has been encouraging others to come to the ''dark side'' by holding teapot workshops teaching potential racers how to create a teapot in the genre, and get them to race as well. Ann Dugmore (The Hon Mrs Minerva Cholmondely-Smythe) has also held hat making workshops in the lead up to Steam-Tember.

Steampunk incorporates science fantasy and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery.

''It's a fusion between the Victorian age, industrial and science fiction. It's what may have been if the Victorian age went in another direction,'' Lindsey says.

The group hopes Steam-Tember will become an annual event.

A big part of the day will be the highly competitive tea pot racing. The tea pots are remote controlled and decked out in genre garb.

Lindsey says it's not just a middle-aged craze. Teenagers and children have shown up keen to hone their remote control skills so the gang created a junior section.

''Frankly, the kids run rings around us with their remote control skills so we thought we'd better give them their own section.''

There are usually at least 15 enthusiastic tea pot racers, she says, but more from out of town may show up.

The Incubator will be open for the Steampunk Empire Strikes Back Art Exhibition, Devonshire cream teas will be available, there's tea pot racing in age divisions, a people's choice award, a steampunk water pistol fight, teapot minion mustering and fun teapot parallel parking challenge for the ladies.

The parallel park is a bit of a tongue in cheek event, she says.

''Men are open to the challenge but they will be handicapped with a trailer because ladies apparently can't park, but if you think you can park then you get a trailer as well. Let's see you do that then.''

There will be prizes and trophies.

''Even if your teapot is not first off the dragline and gets stuck over an obstacle it can still win a prize for the people's choice,'' Lindsey says.

Another barmy event is the mustering of minions by teapots pushing little minions into a mustering pen.

The day will be finish off at Worlds End bar.

The event
The Incubator, Historic Village
Saturday, September 8