Recycling and council

Peter Williams was right to bring up the matter of the way the council deals with rubbish collection in our city and to suggest that is only part of a greater dysfunction in overall management (Opinion, August 25).

On the matter of a glass collection service, I would mention that in the council's Long Term Plan consultation document issued in March it was stated that if the proposal regarding glass collection went ahead, the charge would be approximately $22 per ratepayer. $26 isn't approximately close to $22; it's a long way away, and that jump has happened in only a few months. Maybe that's simply the result of poor estimating on the council's part, but it causes one to wonder what the charge will be next year?

Like Peter, I came to Tauranga only recently, from another country in fact, and I was amazed at the clumsy way Tauranga handles rubbish collection. But it's not a laughing matter, is it? Like many of our council's performances in other fields, it can, in my view, be put down to bad management.


Barry Scott
Papamoa Beach

Spot on
Peter Williams' report card (Opinion, August 25) on the city council's three Rs performance was a point well made. Perhaps it's time voters gave the council a good kick in the Rs!
Dean Donoghue
Papamoa Beach

Name representative of NZ
I find the name for the country's first baseball franchise, Tuatara, is indeed representative of New Zealand.

Prehistoric, slow and old. One hopes that the name is not truly representative of the team.

Having said that kia kaha, well done all concerned.

Anthony Kirby