If you are looking for a good buzz in life then look no further than the puku of a local prop or for that matter any other player wearing a Steamers jersey.

My daughter asked the question: "What is Good Buzz, Dad?" as we watched the Steamers win another great game last Friday night, so I went looking for the answer and liked what I found.

Turns out there is a good buzz about Good Buzz and a stroke of genius by the marketing team of Bay of Plenty Rugby Union.

Who would have thought in the days of glorifying grog that organic beverage brand that promotes healthy eating with a range of naturally fermented teas, packed full of probiotics, active enzymes and organic acids would make it on to a rugby team's jersey?


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Not me that is for sure.

Let's keep it going Steamers while the hangi is hot.

Hori Bop has always been a good buzz so why not bring him on as the Chief Geyser for Good Buzz Boys - with a Lil "Guyser" to put a bit of kaha into the kids' mascot.

Our hangi hot rugby team have gathered up a great head of steam winning their first two competition games with a sense of professional purpose not seen for far too long.

Winning becomes infectious and like all good news it has created a good buzz in the Bay and already, so early in the season, the Steamers have a growing fan base following them up and down the land of the long white try liane.

How cool to see the blue 'n black flag flying at Pukekohe on Thursday night with five Te Puna players enjoying the good buzz of NPC rugby.

Eden Park was buzzing on Saturday night with the Beaudine and Brodie show carrying on from where they left off a week ago, when Australia knew who was running their country and who was running their footy team.


It seems our Ngati Skippy mates have lost their way in Parliament and on the paddock.

The Wallaroos went walkabout and the Wallabies had as much chance of coming back as a plastic boomerang biffed off the Sky Tower, with both their blokes and sheilas mob copping a serious serve by a combined 85 points to 29.

Many are asking the question on this side of the ditch, "Is there anyone left over there to run the show?" and if so, like the ad created by their new PM says: "Where the bloody hell are they?"

The Warriors have also found a purple patch, putting the sword to Penrith on Friday night and creating a good buzz for their loyal fans who haven't had a lot to celebrate for11 long years, since they last made the playoffs.

As Winston said when addressing the National Press Gallery in Canberra last week: "Everybody deserves a fair suck of the save," and I guess for us at the moment, New Zealand has both hands on the sporting sausage.

Ngati Skippy land is not the only country looking at its leadership and praying for divine intervention. Let's face it, when it comes to the Godfather of fake news, we don't want to face it as it makes no sense at all.

Some say impeachment is so close now you can almost smell the tacos, hear the castanets clicking and see the Mexican wave forming on the southern border, as they get ready to farewell Don Diego El Gringo.

It's no laughing matter, nor is the inconvenient truth of alcohol outed in The Global Burden of Diseases study report released on Friday. What has been called the largest and most detailed research ever done on the bad buzz of booze is sobering at best and questions the future branding of alcohol-related products on our sporting teams.

Even the occasional drink is harmful to health, according to the research carried out on the effects of alcohol, which suggests governments should think of advising people to abstain completely.

The uncompromising message comes from the authors of the Global Burden of Diseases study, a rolling project based at the University of Washington, in Seattle, which produces the most comprehensive data on the causes of illness and death in the world.

Thankfully, this is not the case here in the Bay where the good buzz of a positive branding campaign has set an example for our kids to follow. This is leadership at its best and the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union and Priority-One have kicked a great goal.

Let's hope the booze barons don't get their corporate claws on good buzz and turn it into a bad one.

It's a good buzz, cuz, stay on it and ride it for all its worth this weekend in Tauranga when the Big Guyser will be three pies up by halftime and hopefully we will be the same against Canterbury.

- Tommy Kapai is a local writer and bestselling author.