How would you like to be free of domestic duties for a year?

Being completely free of domestic duties for a whole year. Can you just imagine it?

Let's not beat around the bush about this.

Here's the prize:


● Family trip to Fiji for five nights, forgetting your problems and potentially putting your children in kids' club for 12 hours a day so you can pretend you're a newly married, childless couple with actual energy and dreams and overly large doses of PDA!
● One big spring clean including a wash down of your house and rubbish cleared in skip bin. Thow out all of those clothes of his you hate and then bury them under the tree branches from the aforementioned bush so he never knows.
● A weekly cleaner for 12 months. Make my life why don't you?
● Fortnightly lawn mow and gardener for 12 months. How's your lawns right now? Mowed to perfection regularly? Nope. I worry if I drop my keys in mine that I'll be locked out all night and may not survive. But I'm comforted by the fact that the Search and Rescue services in the Bay are world class and I think they would find me before dehydration kicked in. Oh and a gardener? The weeds, they're coming for me man! Imagine no weeding for a year! Bliss.
● Monthly car wash for 12 months. You know that thing that used to be white that you drive? But now it's kind of just whatever that colour is when there's been too many of your children and their friends' little grubby hands on it? Plus the mud from the sports drop-offs. Remember when you didn't have a people mover and it wasn't basically a free taxi? At least it can now be a clean transporter of your offspring!
● Weekly clothes washing and ironing for 12 months. Ew ironing. Why would you?
It's all thanks to a cool new website called You can go there and list up a job you want done around your place and how much you're willing to pay and anyone can get in touch online and agree to do it for that price and boom! Job done, life back!

Also if you're looking for a little extra coin then what a great place to go to find some jobs that others want done!

So here's how you enter to win this most amazing prize that I'm gutted I work for this radio station, thus can't win!

Just listen to The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM 9am-3pm weekdays (we also do it in our breakfast and afternoon shows too). We have cues-to-call all throughout the show — be caller 10, I'll put you in the draw. It's drawn on September 7, so you've got two weeks to get it done. Then someone else could get it all done for you for a whole year! Good luck!

• Will Johnston is the local 9am-3pm host for The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM. He's also a celebrant and MC.