Tauranga will be allocated the largest chunk of the 275 extra public houses planned for the Bay of Plenty in the next four years.

However, some Tauranga community housing providers say the number allocated to the region will not put a dent in the social housing demand.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford has released the Government's comprehensive Public Housing Plan which looks to build 6400 new homes for families nationwide.

A total of 275 extra public houses were being sought for the Bay of Plenty by June 2022 which included 105 in Tauranga, 85 in Rotorua and 30 in the Western Bay of Plenty.


SociaLink Tauranga Moana general manager Liz Davies said more houses were always helpful but 275 for the region was "woefully low".

"I don't think it reflects the population growth in the Western Bay of Plenty," she said.

"Not enough rental properties puts pressure on social housing which puts pressure on homelessness. It impacts the whole system. We are lacking pretty much everywhere."

Tauranga Community Housing Trust acting general manager Paul Wollaston said 275 houses for the entire region would be easily allocated between the different providers.

"What we don't want is for it to be is a race of first-in, first-served. That would be a concern," he said.

Wollaston said it was positive to now know how many of the 6400 new homes nationwide would be built in the Bay of Plenty.

"What has not been clear was if any support would be available for the community housing sector," he said.

"There had been an indication there would be some capital support up front but that has now been removed."


However, Tommy Wilson of Te Tuinga Whanau said the amount of housing allocated to the region was fair but "never enough".

"But I think we are doing pretty well in the Western Bay," he said. "I believe we are putting a serious dent in the emergency housing and homelessness sector."

Wilson said the emphasis now should be on ensuring the tenants of the new homes were "worthy tenants".

"There are so many that don't qualify for those houses who work really hard and are equally deserving," he said. "Let's make sure we bring those families up to speed."

Community Housing Aotearoa chief executive Scott Figenshow said the 6400-funded units were far too few given the growing needs of more than 10,500 applications on the social housing register.

"We are underwhelmed by the quantity desired by the Government as it will not put a dent in the genuine social housing demand," he said.

"It does not activate the capability of the community housing sector."

Figenshow said the single biggest handicap for the community housing sector was the lack of upfront capital investment for new housing construction.

"This plan fails to provide that, so we expect this to be an issue that is remedied in future plans," he said.

Although, Figenshow said the Government had listened to sector ideas and concerns, and had adopted many of the proposed solutions.

"We hope this signals a permanent change in approach, one that the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will make part of its organisational culture," he said.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford said the Government was investing about $4 billion to build an extra 6400 new public houses over the next four years.

"It is one of the biggest build programmes of housing in more than a decade," he said.

Twyford said the Government had given the community housing providers a 15-year commitment on the rent with a premium and additional supplement on top of that.

"That is the best they can do currently," he said.

Regional breakdown - Bay of Plenty:

Current public housing supply in the region: 2661
Current public housing tenancies: 2634
Total number of additional public housing places being sought by June 2022: 275
Number of additional public housing places being sought that are in the pipeline: 250
Number of additional public housing places still being sought in the Plan, above and beyond the pipeline: 80
Households receiving an income-related rent subsidy: 2568
Register demand is greatest for places with: one-to-two bedrooms
TLA with the biggest growth in demand for public housing compared to other TLAs in the region (compared to 30 June 2017): Tauranga City (up 80 applicants)

Number of applicants on the social housing register: 266
Public housing tenancies: 1241
Transitional housing places: 111 (actual) 58 (target)
Number of EH SNG approved: 270
Amount of EH SNG approved: $240,992

Western Bay of Plenty:
Number of applicants on the Social Housing Register: 43
Public Housing tenancies: 99
Transitional Housing places: Target: 18
Number of EH SNG approved: 26
Amount of EH SNG approved: $19,032