Where: Tauranga Musical Theatre, 17th Ave
When: August 18-September 1.

The cast of Heathers: The Musical literally slay in this hilarious adaptation of the 1980s cult classic movie featuring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Prepare to be swept into a whirlwind of 80's nostalgia that takes you right back to high school.

Veronica Sawyer, played by Bailey Twomey, is just a regular girl who seizes the chance to negotiate her way into the school's ruling cliche the 'Heathers', the original mean girls of Westerberg High School.

As her dreams of popularity are finally becoming a reality, JD (Carlos De La Varis), the mysterious teen rebel, sidles onto the scene. He teaches her that it might kill her to be a nobody, but it's murder being a somebody.


Ginevra Wohlstadt's debut directing gig is a must see. Heathers is like Hamlet set in a 1980's high school; a thrilling revenge fantasy that draws you into the story with it's wickedly funny script and dazzling music.

The comedy of the outrageous song lyrics were captured brilliantly, and were cut through by some really fantastic vocals. Moments of striking harmony impressed, no doubt thanks to the impeccable ear of music director Elise Rohde.

The leads carried their roles with confidence, and a solid backing ensemble set the stage for this perfectly. The cast really came into their own, owning the quality choreography by Zoe Hunter.

The show handled big social issues with finesse, successfully walking a fine line between irreverent and thought provoking. It tugged at the heart strings while somehow still making you laugh out loud with every number.

Not to be missed.

This show contains strong adult themes including suicide, gun violence, sex scenes and strong language.