The man behind a free film workshop says the industry has a sustainable future in the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty Region Film Office chief executive Anton Steel is staging the Film Industry Career Pathway workshop as part of the Canvas Careers Expo being held at ASB Arena this weekend.

Steel said there was fantastic local talent in the region with stories which could "definitely stand on the world stage which will, in turn, bring in international funding opportunities" alongside the numerous avenues already available within New Zealand".

The result would be an increase in job opportunities involving a wide range of skill sets.


Steel said he had run a similar workshop when he was involved in The Z-Nail Gang in Te Puke in 2014.

"That film was a real testament to discovering the untapped talent and potential within our communities and has launched several people that were involved into careers within the film industry."

Steele said the workshop would cover most aspects of the film industry including what it's like being an employee compared to a contractor, regular hours versus irregular work hours and potential pay rates, entry-level roles and the possible pathways to a career in the industry.

"We are interested in connecting with anyone who has wanted to run away to the modern circus of the film industry, to tertiary students, and people working in other industries that have parallel skills that can be applied," he said.

The expo, which begins today , includes more than 60 high growth local industry sector exhibitors, universities and tertiary institutes from across New Zealand. Priority One and Rotary Club of Tauranga are running the expo.

Organiser Sue Boyne said it was the perfect place for people to get a real sense of direction and understand what different careers were out there.

The aims of the expo is to have the right people available in one setting to help others make the right decisions and to offer help to define future goals, Boyne said.

Event details:


Canvas Careers Expo


ASB Arena


Today and tomorrow, 9am to 3pm


Free entry

The Film Industry Career Pathway workshop is free and will be held from 10am to 12pm on Saturday at ASB Arena.