It's about priorities

Over the past few days, ratepayers have received notification of next year's rate rises which in the low-inflation period that we are in could appear somewhat excessive.

Over recent weeks ratepayers have also been advised they will be investing in a hotel development and also potentially $3.1 million into an upgrade of Wharf St, into an eating plaza.

Then (News, August 8) we have been shown a proposed upgrade of Dive Cres, but once again no costings or for that matter who may pay but just bet on it that ratepayers will fund a significant amount should it proceed.


While some of these recent proposals could have benefits they are basically "nice to have items", and this council should instead be concentrating on the issues that this city is currently facing being roading, work to reduce flooding in areas around the city and fresh water and wastewater infrastructure.

Get back to basics TCC and to the big-spending councillors, please get your act together and discuss resolving the basic functions that the council should now be concentrating on.
Mike Baker

Support for plan

I'm very pleased to see the Memorial Park to Downtown Tauranga walkway is again under consideration.

The proposed boardwalk will greatly enhance the great work already carried out on the waterfront Dive Cres and Matapihi Rail Bridge. The boardwalks at Pilot Bay and the main Mount Beach have been great successes making the coastal walk much easier for the elderly and the young.

Maybe we should also be reconsidering extending the Mount Boardwalk along the sandhills to Girven Rd, giving much better access for the public to the beach particularly from the Tweed St roundabout to Arataki.

John Douglas
Mount Maunganui