Nostalgic relic

In regards to the column by Rosemary McLeod (Opinion, July 13) A car is freedom and bicycles are for fanatics.

What a silly and poorly researched column.

Get your correspondent on an e-bike, there are no hills and there is no headwind.

Cars? Freedom? A nostalgic relic of past commuters. There can never be enough money for enough roads, the car will soon become a thing of the past for commuting, just as it is around the rest of the world.


We are catching up, finally.

Russell Wenn

Staffing irony

It's ironic that during the recent 24-hour nurses strike, I believe many acute clinical settings across New Zealand were better staffed than they would normally be on non-strike days, as nurses were legally obliged to provide 'Life preserving care' during the strike.

The Ministry of Health and DHBs need to look at what is happening if normal baseline staffing does not meet the standards required to provide life-preserving care on a daily basis.

Debbie Cunliffe

P epidemic worrying

The front page article in the Herald on July 9 was a powerful and worrying account of the extent of the P epidemic in New Zealand.

This was fully supported by credible evidence from many totally credible people.

Then to tidy up came the, in my view, factitious contradiction from the Ministry of Health stating that, actually, all is well.

Our servants get better at it all the time, don't they!

Graham Steenson