Airline fines

Interesting reading about the millions of dollars worth of fines slapped on airlines around the world found guilty of price-fixing. Two questions occur to me: One. Who gets this money and what do these entities do with these vast sums? Two. Where do these airlines get those funds to pay the hefty fines?
Rayna Knighton

Call it what it is
Our city fathers must have a sense of humour after all. Calling a multi-level carpark a transport hub must be the joke of the year. The addition of some bicycle parking facilities is great but call it what it is, a car park.
David Riley

Mind the message
What sort of message are you sending in that article from Rachel Stewart in today's paper (Opinion, June 27)? Alcohol is already responsible for many of the country's ills, and you are promoting it?

Surely you can find a writer with a message of encouragement and positivity.

In my view, it sounds to me like Rachel Stewart needs help if she can't live a worthwhile life without the aid of alcohol.
Kathleen Howan

In support of nurses
The "fat cats and million dollar surgeons and specialists" are all smiles while our nurses, orderlies, security staff and cleaners have to put up with terrible conditions. These people are caring for your loved ones, and some of them don't even earn the living wage. Please support our nurses and hopefully there will be a flow-on effect to these other vital people. (Abridged)
Andrew Lattimore
Mount Maunganui

Marina expansion a great move
Regarding the $20m marina expansion plan, (News, June 28). At last! A project worth our backing. This marina expansion will be a win-win, for all.


The public areas will be more user-friendly and far better, even, than at present
Many thanks to the " Marina Society" for its foresight.
Alan Glover

An example of stupidity

It would appear to me that we have reached the pinnacle of greed and stupidity. The new Sulphur Point marina plan is totally stupid.

Why would you dig out good land to make it back into the ocean? Surely global warming is achieving that at a remarkable rate and doesn't require any assistance from lazy people wanting somewhere to park their boats.

This is ridiculous. There are several better locations already full of water which would achieve a better result except the owners might have to travel a little more to get their toys. There are moorings for boats for sale at the Bridge Marina.
Gary Horan
Mt Maunganui