A Tauranga dairy owner wants to sell up after being targeted by robbers three times in as many years.

A masked man dressed in black and wielding a large knife walked into Brookfield Superette on Saturday and demanded money.

Owner Baldish Kaur was working alone and ran into a back room as soon as she saw the weapon. The offender unsuccessfully tried breaking into the till, fleeing empty-handed soon after.

Kaur escaped unharmed, but the ordeal has left her broken and disillusioned.


Back at work yesterday , Kaur said she had struggled to sleep since the attack.

"It was very stressful," she said. "My family are very worried about me. They ask me not to stay alone, to have someone here with me, so my family will help but still ... I have to stop that happening to me."

Kaur opened the shop three years ago and had been targeted three times over that period.

"The first time with a gun, the second time with hammers and third time with a knife."

Kaur bounced back after the first two robberies. She loves her job, talking with people and providing a service to the community. But she is now reconsidering her future.

"This is shocking for me. Why do I have to have this happen again, again and again?

"If something happened to me, who will look after my family? My youngest [son] is 11 years old."

Kaur has two other sons and a daughter, one is a local builder, and the other two are at university. They miss her cooking so much; she makes them meals and couriers them the universities, she said.

"I like to talk to people, and I like to spend time here, but I want to sell this business and spend time with my family.

"My family have no holidays because I'm stuck here. I can't leave my employees here alone, and my family don't want to go on holiday without me. But I'm here every day, every year. It's long hours and not easy."

The attack follows a similar attempted aggravated robbery in Whakatāne on Friday where a man entered the Allandale Superette with a large knife, demanding money.

Again, the robber did not harm the shop assistant and left empty-handed. The offender was described as of medium height, stocky build and about 30 years old. He wore a blue hoodie and light-coloured pants.

A police media spokeswoman said the incidents did not appear to be linked and inquiries were continuing into both cases.

Can you help?

People with information on either incident are asked to contact their local police station or call Crimestoppers anonymously on

0800 555 111