For one of the agencies which steers volunteering across this land, the tag attached to its site is very apt.

"The heart of our community." And what a sound and solid heart ... but with an often unrecognised beat. In so many instances volunteers are simply taken for granted. A sort of "someone will sort it out" philosophy does exist.

I'm sure of that because I have heard it myself. If something needs to be done, someone else will step up and do it, no worries. I guess that is a fairly traditional human trait, because while other people happily continue to step up and get things done then everything is just fine and dandy— no need for them to bother.

My first foray at volunteering to do something for no financial reward, except for knowing that we'd done something pretty good and accordingly felt pretty good about it, was helping clear a spot and plant some little trees at the local kindergarten our lad attended.


It was a five-hour task that made me and the other three chaps who turned out feel so absolutely good about. That was more than 20 years ago and, yep, I can still see "my" trees.

For many, this week may have also been a case of not recognising those who do so much for their communities in the region and the whole country, for that matter. It has been National Volunteer Week— to acknowledge and applaud all those who put in the devotion, time and effort to do something for others.

I checked out the "seek volunteer" site and it has 925 volunteering opportunities for people to browse. That is a lot of volunteer work and underlines just how much is being done. It took me back to the ArtDeco Festival when I saw volunteers assisting aged Deco sightseeing chaps and gals from rest homes into their vans and cars, providing opportunities to get them out, about and involved. Just one of so many examples.

To all the "vollies" at every level and every pursuit: your value should never be underestimated and needs to be acknowledged every day of the year. The place would simply not run without you.