Expensive petrol

Having recently completed a road trip around the Central North Island, I have come to the conclusion that, here in Tauranga, we are being ripped off at the petrol pump. I found that Rotorua, Taupo and even Taumarunui were between a 10 cents and 14 cents a litre cheaper. How do the petrol companies justify these vast price differences? Is it more expensive to transport fuel to Tauranga than Taumarunui? I don't think so.
Steve Porter
Welcome Bay

Rule Matapihi out

Keep thinking outside the lane and leave Matapihi alone. A suggestion was put to the council by Norman Sutton (Letters, June 6), to avert traffic through Matapihi alongside road/rail link to Tauranga due to congested traffic happening now in the Mount/Hewletts Rd area and causing major gridlocks within the next five years. As a homeowner and ratepayer of the Mataphi Peninsula, my response to that is a downright "no way". As far as traffic for this area is concerned, there is only one way in and the same way out. Tangata whenua will endeavour to keep it this way. My suggestion to the council is don't even think of this as an option.
Poia Smith

Forgiveness and healing

Re Broken Marriages (Letters, June 18). Thank you for publishing my letter about broken marriages. I was, however, disappointed at the wording of the heading: "Repent sinful ways of the broken family to heal nation". Nowhere in my letter was it stated or implied that broken marriages are sinful and have to be repented of. My letter was about what I see to be two possible causes of homelessness. It is these for which repentance is called, and for which under the terms of 2 Chronicles 7:14 the promise of forgiveness and healing is made; not their unfortunate consequences.
Don Campbell
Gate Pa