''OH MY GOSH, I love that movie!"

That's the reaction Melanie Mills gets just about every time she rattles off a list of upcoming movies to be screened at Cult Cinema Club.

"That's what I love about it, that reaction right there is exactly what Cult Cinema Club is all about."

The club's third season has kicked off, screening fortnightly cult, arthouse, indie, local, classic films and documentaries.


In the lineup this season are classics such as Dawn of the Dead, Casablanca, Pretty in Pink, King Kong, Hail Caesar and This is Spinal Tap.

The club was initially started with Kim Cleland last year, and now Melanie has taken the reins. Cult Cinema Club has run a winter and summer season screened at the Historic Village's revamped cosy cinema with its art deco theme.

There's a bit of researching involved, Melanie says. Much time and thought goes into curating the films.

"The idea is to have an event for film buffs which will resonate with people from all walks of life.

"It's about exposing people to some really cool cinema. There's no particular theme each season but essentially the main ethos for all the film programmes is to have a really diverse range of films. I really want to cover all demographics of people, so it's just a matter of putting a little bit of everything in."

A self-confessed film buff, one of Melanie's favourites this season is Down By Law, a movie directed by Jim Jarmusch about "cheap whiskey and black coffee, all-night drunks and lost jobs". She also loves Buena Vista Social Club, a documentary about Cuban music, Donnie Darko and even the notorious horror zombie movie Dawn of the Dead (1978).

"Down by Law, I saw it in my teens and it opened my world to that genre."

Melanie loves the feedback from film-goers and how certain movies take people back to when they first enjoyed the movie.


The first opening night last year was modern classic The Big Lebowski — timed for completion of the Village Cinema revamp.

Melanie says the location is warm and cosy for winter nights and they often have pre-entertainment, held inside when it is raining. The night out includes street food, music, a pop-up bar, candy and sometimes even a live band.

Melanie has introduced screening short independent films by local filmmakers.

"There's a lot of great talent out there and these movies need to be seen."

She'd like to hear from any potential filmmakers.

Melanie encourages membership, a $35 one-off fee. Members get 20 per cent off movie tickets, first access to online ticket sales, competitions, free popcorn and candy bar discounts, newsletters and a goodie bag.

■ Autumn/winter film season
■ Until September 22
■ Historic Village Cinema, 17th Ave
■ Members $16, non-members $20, plus booking fees